Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body eBookI recently purchased Old School New Body, which is a program created by Steve and Beck Holman that was designed for those that are over 40. I had some curiosity and I kept hearing people refer to it as the perfect companion for a healthy, nutritious diet.

Before I bought it, the main thing I was intrigued by is the Holman’s statement about avoiding five things if you want to reverse the signs of aging. The funny thing is that they turned out to be all of the things I thought were necessary to get in shape.

5 Things To Avoid When Trying To Reverse The Aging Process

#1 – Trying To Eat Low Fat

Your body needs fat for fuel. Holman discusses how fat helps you regenerate hormones, even those that create strength. You should not stop eating fat. In fact, you should have more. When avoiding fat, the body starts to crave sugar and carbs, and excessive consumption can make you sick.

#2 – Biking And Running Regularly

I used to believe that this was the only way that I could stay fit. I had no idea that it was damaging my body. It also took away from the leisure time that I had with my family. Old School New Body shows you great ways to increase your cardio without speeding up the aging process.

#3 – Blaming Everything On Your Age

How often do you say, “I am getting old?” It is possible to gain muscle at any age. This is even possible for people who are over 80. No, I am not kidding. This program will show you how to take the reins and control your health and body.

#4 – Allowing Yourself To Get Dehydrated

Water is good for you, it alleviates hunger and it promotes fat loss. I have always been aware of how good water is, yet I filled my body with energy drinks and other supplements. Drinking at least 12 ounces of plain water daily will make a huge difference in the way you look and feel.

#5 – Working Out Too Much

You only need 90 minutes per week. The Holmans have created a system that will give you the results you are looking for without having to kill yourself. You can actually do all four recommended exercises in a few minutes and you will be done. Doing far too much can lead to injuries and it can cause premature aging. Again, it can cut into all of the free time you have to spend with your family.

As you can can probably tell by this point, I have nothing but good things to say about this program. If you follow the instructions, eat a healthy diet and use your leisure time to bond with your friends and family, that is all you need to have a healthy and happy life.

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The Renegade Diet Plan Review And How It Works

If you are passionate and have an interest in work outs and diet plans, then you should have come across the Renegade diet plan which has been a success according to the latest diet plans statistics. This diet plan is managed by Ferruggia Jason and is the most research on diet.

Here is an illustration on what the diet plan is all about. This article will also teach us on how to follow the diet plan in our day to day life.

Don’t Limit the Amount of Food You Eat

Renegade Diet Plan eBookThe diet plan considers this as the most key advice that has made it succeed. The proponents of the diet maintain that limiting yourself to a certain small amounts of food does not necessarily give better results. This is because, for the body to work normally it requires some energy. Eating less food will always limit the amount of energy availed to the body. To lose body weight or gain a good body structure you don’t necessarily have to deny yourself food.

Eating enough food especially carbohydrates is important for good body structure. Carbohydrates boost metabolism and helps burn extra calories. It provides energy for burning of fats during the night.

Breakfast Is Not All That Much Important

Research has shown that breakfast is not important to body structuring in any way. This is why dieters encourage people to take time and consideration preparing supper than breakfast. Meals taken during the night are very vital in burning of the extra fats as you sleep at night.

Researchers have carried out experiments on people who miss breakfast and those miss supper. From the trials, they discovered that those who missed breakfast lost more weight than those who missed supper.

These results were attained because the body needs rest to boost digestion process and generally quicken rate of metabolism. According to this diet plan, the best strategies in loosing body weight is simply skipping breakfast or if you must eat something, take light meals.

You Need To Time Your Meals

The time for having meals is a very essential factor to the diet plan. Skipping meals in the morning help boost you weight loosing process. Ensuring that you take enough fats and proteins at times boost energy to be used in burning calories. Burning calories does not necessarily need you to avoid taking meals but it only requires you to eat at the right time. You should always remember that each type of food group is vital to the normal functioning of the body.

Conclusively, the main secrete behind Jason and his diet plan is the timing of meals, providing the body with enough energy and avoiding too much food for breakfast is key. The dieter recommends that you should provide the body with enough rest time at night.

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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

What exactly is the Xtreme Fat Loss diet? You may have heard of it, as it is very popular, but what is it? Read on to find out more info about this diet.

Xtreme Fat Loss ProgramJoel Marion is the one who originally designed the diet, and he is one of the most popular fitness trainers in America. The diet was eventually updated. When it was updated, it became even more effective, which helped it become even more popular.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is not just your regular diet, as it is a fat loss plan. This means you are given a program to follow. The program contains guides and reports that will help you get into the kind of shape you have always wanted to be in.

Different diet days will be explained in the diet manual, and you will notice that it is broken up into certain things. These things include a cheat day, fast diet day, carb diet day and so forth. In an effort to help you burn fat even quicker, the manual also includes fitness themed days.

The program is filled with everything you need to get into shape. If you want to shed the pounds, make sure you follow this program’s instructions. It contains things such as checklists, meal plans and everything else you need to be successful.

At first glance, you might think it is just another diet book. That’s not the case at all. In matter of fact, it is a very effective fat burning program that is filled with useful information.

By now you might be wondering what makes this program so great, and one of the reasons is because of how unique it is. There is no other program on the market that can compare. Also, the focus is on problem areas such as your belly and arms, which are trouble areas for many people.

The fitness section is informative. Some people may even describe it as being intense. However, you will want to make sure it is ok for you to take part in vigorous workouts, so get your doctor’s permission if need be.

You shouldn’t have any issues on the program. However, if you do, then there is good news. That good news is that there is a support system that will be able to answer any questions you may have or take care of issues you might run into.

There is a downside to this program. This program is very intense. You will need to dedicate yourself to this program because the system is strict and you need to follow it exactly as it is designed to be followed.

You will need to purchase some equipment. Also, supplements will need to be purchased. However, you can expect to see great results with the program.

So, is the program worth trying? It is safe and effective, as well as intense. If you want to lose weight fast, then Xtreme Fat Loss may be for you. It’s also worth pointing out that you can ask for your money back within 60 days of purchasing it.

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UP24 Jawbone Review

What is the one device no fitness enthusiast should ever be without? A Fitness tracker: of course there exists a large variety of fitness trackers and finding the best for you could take a while. Or you could take a moment to look over some of the finer qualities of the UP24 Jawbone.

Some of the cool features the UP24 Jawbone offers are…

  • UP24 JawboneNo need to connect the device to sync it up, this can be accomplished with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Keep track of your sleeping habits; the UP24 Jawbone can intelligently identify your sleeping conditions, how much time was spent resting and how much you were tossing and turning during the night.
  • With the UP24 Jawbone you are connected to a mini network of fitness enthusiasts like yourself, with similar goals and good advice.
  • Take record of your daily diet using the UP24 Jawbone app.
  • The UP24 Jawbone charges in a mere ninety minutes and will only need to be recharged a week later.
  • Available in several different styles for your greater comfort.
  • Not having a screen makes the design much smaller.
  • With the idle timer that can be set in the app. The clever device will alert you when periods of inactivity have gone on long enough and it is time to get the circulation going. Excellent for those of us chained to our desks; sometimes we need a reminder to get up and stretch.
  • Available in an array of attractive colors.

You will probably notice that many of these features are common to most fitness trackers. UP24 Jawbone’s most unique features are the diminished size; not having a monitor screen makes it easier to wear without any interference. Another unique feature is the idle timer which you don’t see in other models.

The UP24 Jawbone also comes in more colors than any other fitness tracker on the market.

Of course, there are a couple of disadvantages to this design.

  • Because the model boasts a screen –free design it would be little use without the accompanying support of a compatible smartphone. The app is how you can check on your progress and activities during the day.
  • You will have to be sure the model you choose fits your head. This is not a one size fits all device.
  • The UP24 Jawbone is not 100% accurate in its readings, but then again no fitness trackers on the market are. Most performance checks did rate the UP24 Jawbone as being one of the more accurate trackers out there.

In summary, UP24 Jawbone brings a fresh spin on how you can use your Fitness Tracker provided you have a smartphone (iOS or Android) to manage the app you will need. The built in idle timer is just the thing for those of us who may need a gentle reminder to get up and reach those fitness goals we hope to attain.

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Leslie Sansone: Walk it Off in 30 Days Review

When it comes to exercising, you have a number of options available to you, but not all of them are feasible. Take workout DVDs, for instance. They are more complicated than they appear, because you typically need to purchase additional equipment to do the exercises correctly. In addition, you have to perform the exercises in a certain way, and there is no one there to see if your form is correct. Sometimes the exercises themselves are too hard for a beginner to complete. However, Leslie Sansone came up with a program that does not fit that mold. The Walk Away the Pounds system is unlike anything else on the market.

Leslie Sansone: Walk it Off in 30 DaysIf you have made a habit of staying out of the gym, there is no need to worry. This DVD program was made so that you can get started right away and slim down in no time.

One reason that these DVDs work for the average person is that they are focused on walking. You do not need to learn a new exercise form. You do not have to go anywhere to get fit. While it may not seem like the most exciting program, Leslie is very good and spicing things up.

Leslie Sansome has several videos on the market. However, one in particular is receiving a lot of attention. It is known as “Walk It Off in 30 Days.” There are two workouts to complete, and participants are supposed to switch between the two. While you do need to purchase dumbbells, these are relatively inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere.

The program is focused on burning a large number of calories on certain days and then toning muscle the other days. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the days that you burn the most calories. You get up, get moving and get your heart working. Of all the videos created by Leslie Sansome, the walking portion of this one is the most strenuous, but beginners should still have no problem with it.

The other days of the week, with the exception of Sunday, you focus on toning your body. The workout lasts half an hour and begins with a bit of cardio. After that, you use your dumbbells and perform various walking movements. It targets different muscles so that your body simply looks firmer over time.

Participants work out six days a week, 30 minutes at a time, for a total of one month.

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Fitlosophy Fitbook Review

As you are aware, there are a lot of different apps, websites and gadgets that can help you reach your fitness goals. However, you might prefer a physical reminder of your progress. If you are, then you might be interested in Fitlosophy Fitbook.

Fitlosophy FitbookFitlosophy Fitbook is not just a notebook. It is actually much more than that. It’s not only a fitness tracker, but also a companion. Each Fitbook is designed to last for 12 weeks, and will help guide you throughout the entire process.

The first thing you will go over is setting goals, and then you will go onto the weekly planning pages. You will be able to log your measurements, both before and after. You will also be able to log other information such as your calories, sleep, water and vitamins. Your daily activity can be logged to, and this includes your cardio training and resistance training.

The weekly wrap-up could very well be the best part. This is the space that allows you to reflect on your progress. It is also a space where you can add inspiration that you can check out later on.

Those who write down their goals will likely follow through with them. However, Fitbook takes it further. You will be able to keep track of every single step you take, which can help you reach your goals.

As for the actual notebook, it is quite durable. It’s square and it is small enough to fit in most purses. You will receive a pen with it, as well as an elastic strap, which you can use as a bookmark. Feel free to put it in your gym bag too, as the cover is sweat-proof.

It’s very flexible, which means it will likely work with your workout. Feel free to use it for weight watchers, or even calorie counting. You can use your Fitbook for workouts such as running workouts, yoga workouts and even Zumba workouts.

If the above wasn’t enough to convince you how good it is, the product even includes plenty of tips and inspiration. You will learn how to log for the best results. It is ideal for people who are new to weight loss, and for those who want to take control of their weight loss.

If apps and websites are not your cup of tea, then Fitbook may be for you. They could help you out while you work towards your weight loss goals. You will be able to go back and reread everything and see how hard you worked to reach your goals, when you reach them.


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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband Review

A mixture of exercise and diet is the real key to lasting, permanent weight loss, but there must be a way to track daily activity calories that you burn. Well, there is and it is the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband! The wristband is a tool that is very helpful and that will help anyone learn to control their weight and health.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep WristbandIt is shipped with two sizes of wristbands and is about the same size as a wristwatch. It will track how many steps you have taken, how far you have walked, the number of calories burned from daily activity and how much time you were active. This will make it very easy to determine how active you were all day long. It is so great because it is too easy to over or under-estimate the amount of walking that you really did.

The Fitbit Flex comes equipped with LED lights on the front so you will be able to see if your goal has almost been reached.

Another bonus is that the Fitbit Flex monitors you while you sleep. It will keep track of how long you sleep, how many times you wake up and you can set an alarm that is silent and will only wake you up and allow your partner to sleep!

But the website is the real reason the Fitbit is so terrific. By going online, you will find many different tools to use as you track your journey to fitness. You will get graphics and charts that showcase all of the information that Fitbit has assembled from monitoring your activity. In addition, it can keep track of your measurements, weight and other important statistics. The website can even be used to track food so it will be possible to compare the number of calories burned to those that were consumed.

Also part of the Fitbit family are other fun products that you can integrate into the system. These include a body fat scale that will not only weigh you but will also let you know your body fat percentage. Even more, it will sync this information to your account with Fitbit for regular tracking.

The only real downside to the Fitbit flex is that it does not have a heart rate monitor. It will estimate how many calories are burned from walking and running, but it is unable to give an accurate estimate of your cardio output. But if you want an easy way to keep track of your daily activity other than your workouts, it is better than most available tools.

Some models of the wristband also have a flaw that is well known. The company’s support team has actively been replacing them if they break but this is something to keep an eye out for with your Fitbit.

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